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  • Skin Revival:
    Achieve radiant, youthful skin

  • Energy Elevator:
    Stay active and charged all day

  • Immune Enhancer:
    Fortify your body's natural defenses

  • Digestive Ally:
    Promote healthy digestion and gut health

  • Wildcrafted vs. Pool-Grown

    Pool Grown sea moss is rushed to grow much like all inorganically grown produce. You will get the best nutrients and benefits only from wildcrafted sea moss, simply because of it being grown with the goodness and rhythm of the sea.

  • Check The Harvest Location

    There are a few places in the Caribbean where sea moss is growing: our sea moss comes from small-scale diving company that carefully hand-harvests sea moss in the pristine waters of St. Lucia.

  • When was your gel made

    Many companies would make sea moss gel in advance so that it's easier to fulfill growing demand. Not us. Our gel is freshly-made to order for its optimal benefits.

  • Look at the Packaging

    Ice packs and thermo-envelopes: while sea moss gel does not go bad upon getting warm, it's still should be refrigerated once you get it. To give it an extra day in cool environment, we ship with insulated wrap and cold packs.

  • Where Was It Shipped From

    You want your sea moss gel to be prepared and shipped from near you, not from overseas like China. We make and ship our sea moss gel from Orlando and Hallandale Beach, Florida.

Sea Moss Benefits

Sea Moss Gel is a potent superfood, brimming with essential vitamins and minerals that your body craves daily.

  • Good source of live bacteria and fiber for gut health

  • Iodine for thyroid health & weight management

  • Zinc for immunity and hormonal balance

  • Magnesium, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, and Omega-3 fatty acids for skin health

  • Iron to elevate energy levels

  • Potassium for mental and emotional well-being

Simple Ingredients

We use only natural, organic, real powders, syrups and extracts in all of our recipes. Try them all today!

  • Wildcrafted gold sea moss from Saint Lucia
  • Organic powders, syrups, and extracts
  • Pure alkaline water
  • Zesty lime juice
  • Natural fruit puree

About Us

We're a brand that focused on making health simple and delicious. We at Max Fit Wellness, believe that healthy food can be delicious if there’s a bit of creativity used in the process. What’s good for you, should taste good, too. The key to success is to truly love what you do and really believe in that it’s the best product out there.

See The Difference:


How to Use Sea Moss

Harness the Power with Just Two Tablespoons a day!

  • Boost Your Beverages:
    Elevate your water, coffee, or tea. Or supercharge your favorite smoothie with a spoonful of sea moss goodness.

  • Flavorful Food Fusion:
    Enrich your salad, soup, or sandwich. Our sea moss gel seamlessly blends in, adding both taste and health benefits.

  • Pure & Potent:
    Dive into pure wellness - savor our sea moss gel straight from the jar and revel in its natural potency.

Real Customers, Real Reviews

"Amazing smoothies and AMAZING HEALTH BENEFITS with Blue Spirulina sea moss gel! Loved it!"


"It supports IMMUNE SYSTEM, so many great benefits!"


"The Strawberry Pineapple tastes ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!"


"It came with these ice packs so it's NICE AND COLD"


"I tried Max Fit Sea Moss Gel, Mango Flavor, and I LOVED IT!"


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Ask Us Anything

Your Health Questions Answered by Max Fit Wellness Experts

I've never tried sea moss before. Where do I start?

Although all of our sea moss gels are delicious, if you've never tried sea moss gel before, we recommend you start with our Sample pack where you can choose any of our amazing flavors!

Each sample pack consists of 3 jars, 4 oz each - enough to make up your mind before you commit to a full-size jar! Try our sample pack here.

What's the shelf life of my jar of gel? How long will it last?

Our gels can be safely consumed within 4 weeks after opening, if stored in an airtight container, in the refrigerator. If it's frozen, it can last up to 6 months. Tip: use ice cube trays for easier use after it's frozen.

How much sea moss gel to take daily?

Each serving size of Max Fit Sea Moss Gel (2 table spoons) contains 3 g of sea moss, which is a daily dose of iodine (150 mg iodine) of a healthy adult.

Does sea moss gel help with weight management?

Sea moss gel is a natural source of iodine, which supports thyroid function and helps maintain a healthy metabolism. Additionally, it is low in calories and high in fiber, promoting a feeling of fullness and making it easier to adhere to your health goals.

Who should not take sea moss?

Individuals with thyroid disorders, pregnant women, those on blood thinners, or anyone with a shellfish allergy should avoid consuming sea moss.

Where to buy sea moss gel?

Buy here! The best prices, unmatched customer service and the fastest order processing. Did we mention best overall rating on Amazon? Yes, that’s all US!

What sea moss gel is best?

Well… I guess the answer is on the surface. Max Fit Sea Moss is the absolute BEST on the market right now - let our customers speak for this!