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Max Fit Bootcamps

Combination of cardio intervals, muscle conditioning, & active rests to provide you with the ultimate fat burning workout!

Personal Training

Accountability, Motivation, and Personal Attention to push you towards achieving your fitness endeavors!


Feel more empowered, knockout boredom, and blast fat all over with muscle-sculpting strikes and movements.

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Manya T. — Chicago, IL

"Jahmale is an excellent personal trainer. I've been working with him briefly and already see tremendous results in my strength and agility, not to mention my ability to throw a cross, jab or hook (granted, I'd done none of these last things previously, but hey)."

As a personal trainer my philosophy is to give my clients the knowledge, motivation and confidence they need to be their OWN trainer. After completing my program specialized to your fitness goals, you'll learn how to maintain these results. Learn workout techniques, healthier eating habits, motivational skills and how to create your own body-transforming program. These regimens are designed to achieve your fitness goals at the level of intensity that will challenge you and bring you out of your comfort zone. Fitness should not be a luxury, take care of your body now so it will take care of you in the future.

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